Brokerage on Local Markets

Take advantage of our comprehensive research and differentiated commission rates to buy and sell both state and corporate securities in the domestic market.

AzFinance Investment company offers a full brokerage service that is committed to help you to realize your financial dreams. We believe in building a sound relationship with you, suggesting solutions and establishing a financial roadmap to guide you along the best path towards your long-term financial purposes.

AzFinance Investment company buys and sells stocks and other securities to clients, through a Baku Stock Exchange, in return for a commission.

We offer customized solutions that help clients achieve their investment goals with a solid focus on client service and full access to the resources of AzFinance Investment company. Our team’s expertness, backed by a best-in-class technology platform lets us perform effectively to support our clients around the world.

Nowadays, Baku Stock Exchange is the only market, through which you may purchase and sell securities online. Our clients are able to obtain all the analysis data of the orders and the appropriate mutual orders of Baku Stock Exchange CJSC through AzFinance platform.

A Brokerage account may be created to help you reach a range of different investment targets, either with the guidance of a Financial Advisor or self-directed if you wish to manage your own investment portfolio.

Using one of the below-mentioned wide variety of account types, you are able to take advantage of the services:

  • Access to a full range of security types — State and Corporate Securities, such as Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, notes of the Central Bank, REPO/REVERSE REPO of the Central Bank, Interbank REPO, Stocks, Corporate Bonds and Bills through one platform.
  • Receive a top competitive and flexible commission rates of the market
  • Utilizing Our own comprehensive, customizable Trading Software
  • Rapid, Intelligent Order Execution
  • Responsive Client Support



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