Advisory brokerage

New investors entering the market for the first time or clients in challenging circumstances need rational and creative advice of experienced professionals on a broad array of brokerage-investment issues. It makes necessary for investors look for a proficient advisor for brokerage decisions.

That’s why AzFinance Investment company provides advisory brokerage service with a focus on extensive research and sensible advising. Armed with the most recent market intelligence, we have the state-of-the-art research and essential resources to support your decisions.

We know that each customer has unique needs and varied attitudes to risk. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, understand their objectives and anxiety, afterwards think strategically and work proactively on their behalf.

We offer each client research-based, innovative advice which will contribute attractive investment performance over time.

We advise to our clients on every complex issue, such as what types of securities are suitable for their investment goals, when to buy, or sell these or other securities.

This service is provided to customers, who has more than 25000 AZN in their account.

Customers, who use Advisory Brokerage services, should follow only the brokers’ advice during a contract. If at the end of a year customer incurs losses, the broker will buy his securities at the same amount as he bought them at first.

We care more about your money than yourself, thus if you are an inexperienced investor, you can achieve the status of an experienced investor under the guidance of our experts. It is always our privilege to support you in achieving your financial purposes.