Consulting Services

After years of economic and financial disruption, volatility and uncertainty in Securities markets has become the new usual. Companies have been challenged to provide themselves with better financial services while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum. In such conditions, specialist advice can be of great value to a company.

At AzFinance Investment company, working collaboratively with clients as partners, we develop creative, practical solutions, supporting you manage the complexities of today’s securities industry and the overall financial environment.

Our in-depth understanding of the securities market enables us to help our clients improve and preserve competitive advantages, making possible for them to win in a more and more challenging securities market.

Moreover, our comprehensive research methodology merged with our deep industry professionalism allows us to make rational and innovative recommendations in response to clients’ most critical challenges.

In order to support clients in critical cases, AzFinance Investment company provides on-demand, wide-ranging consulting services:

  • Investigation the market of securities;
  • The valuation of securities;
  • Preparing, presenting and promoting the prospects of issues, investment memorandum, different kind of declarations and other documents;
  • Organizing registration and taking up a loan on securities;
  • Organizing meetings for shareholders;
  • Preparing strategy for company;
  • Analyzing and preparing financial reports.

Are you ready for a world-class client experience?