What are the structured products?

Secret of our success is that we are passionate to create access to diverse, attractive and innovative investment products which meet the unique needs of our clients not depending on the market conditions; Structured Products are in line with the above-mentioned products.

Structured products are synthetic investment instruments especially created to meet particular requirements that cannot be met from the standardized financial instruments accessible in the markets.

You can invest in Structured Products according to your own market expectations and your risk tolerance. It provides with great flexibility and can be used as a significant component to a well-diversified investment portfolio; they can serve as hedging a portfolio in a characteristic manner and mitigating risk exposure of a portfolio.

We provide with one of the most extensive Structured Products varieties in the domestic market and offer several advantageous tools to help you choose which kind of Structured Product is right for you.

The aim is always the same: to provide with the best possible solution for you with pricing competitiveness, quality of service and innovation.

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