Asset Management on Local Markets

People who make an attempt to invest on their own characteristically do not do as well as someone who has the help of an expert. Asset Management is a service aiming to meet your financial purposes through the advancement and appropriate management of your financial resources.

AzFinance Investment company supports both retail and institutional investors maximize returns on investments with the help of excellent management expertise.

Our extremely-qualified portfolio management managers demonstrate a high level of capability in the progress of customer-centric solutions. Private investors utilize equally from the extensive experience of our portfolio specialists.

At AzFinance Investment company, we create an in-depth investment plan according to your customized, current and future needs, objectives, attitudes towards investment risk, time horizon, tax considerations by integrating comprehensive Financial Planning with Asset Management.

There are two kinds of accounts: personal and trading PAM accounts.

Investments on personal accounts are made only on the level of investments on that account.

Investor’s assets on PAM accounts, which has the same strategy, are controlled trough one account, and that’s why a big amount of assets minimizes risks and this leads to a commission reduction.

Our collaborative approach relies on sophisticated, state of-the-art research that contains all asset classes and financial products.

We provide our clients with a periodic reports in accordance with their investment and strategy and they are able to return back their assets as cash or securities at the end of an asset management period.

Our asset management service is customized to best suit your needs and purposes – down to the smallest of details. Always bearing in mind your asset management interests, we never take a risk level outside your comfort zone.