Asset management on International Markets

Choosing professional asset management is an optimal way for investors, who want to protect themselves from the risk of capital self-management. Professionals of AzFinance Investment company provide to the clients unique strategy for asset management, developed in accordance with their tolerance for risk, financial purposes, time horizons and supposed terms of cooperation.

You can trust your capital to highly-qualified managers with a long job experience in financial services. The commission of managers depends on your profit.

At AzFinance Investment company, decisions from a well-disciplined investment processing is a base for our portfolio models. The key requirement of our success is holding a strategy based upon analysis, not the shakings in market psychology.

Investment targets, principles of a selection and the logic of transactions are strictly determined. Selecting one of strategies, you are precisely aware and informed, how your assets will be managed.

You obtain a professional expertise at the available step of an investment, and also the opportunities and tools, which are available only for high net investors.

We continually follow up your portfolio and you can also keep an eye on your investment portfolio regularly. We provide you with financial reports about the results of an asset management.



Dividend portfolio can be more interesting for the old and retirees. This portfolio differs from others with high dividend yield, low risks devaluation of portfolio…

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This investment portfolio can be more interested for the middle age and top managers. Portfolio includes assets management in a company…

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Differed from other strategies with higher yield, this portfolio is linked with higher risk, Investment area for this portfolio is shares of companies, working in IT field and High-Tech startups…

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Negligible risk strategy is  a choice of investors, who prefer not high , stable increase of invested funds, not affected to minimal risk of loss of invested finances…

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 Conservative strategy is for investors, who aren’t interested in opening deposit account, by virtue rate of interest of local bank…

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Moderate conservative strategy is for investors, who focus on yield of assets, which essentially exceeding yield of bond market and, who expect  risk…

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Balanced strategy is preferred by investors, oriented to long-term profit. Conditions of this strategy and its yield are comparable with average yield of share market…

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Targeted to the income-oriented with indexes above average rate.The choice of investors, oriented on capital growh exceeding average yield on market share…

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Aggressive strategy, intended for investors, who are interested in significant long-term income…

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