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AzFinance Investment Company provides an opportunity for all legal entities to raise funds under more favorable terms. The financing mechanism we offer is carried out through bonds and shares, without deposit. We present this process to you through the underwriting service.


– is an investment service for public offering and placement of securities in favour of the issuer or third parties.

The issuer

– is a person, state (through a duly authorized state body) or municipality that issues investment securities in the manner prescribed in the Chapter 2 of this Law. The issuer is not the owner of the securities issued;

In other words, the issuer is a legal entity that issues shares or bonds. The Investment Company provides underwriting services (operations) in two forms.

Placement and underwriting of securities without any commitment.

When an investment company places securities “without commitment”, it only offers the securities to investors and carries out subscription for them. In this case, the investment company assumes no obligation for purchase of unplaced securities.

Placement and underwriting of securities with commitment.

When an investment company places securities “with commitment” basis, it offers the securities to investors, carries out subscription for them and acquires unplaced securities paying their value.

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